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About Us

Outdoor advertising  is a very cost effective way of putting across one's product to the common people. Every effort is made by the companies to penetrate the market by opting for better and efficient marketing tools. One such effort is Outdoor Advertising. It is a very effective economic instrument which enables an individual to access critical information about new products on the shelf. Outdoor advertising plays a major role in helping to decide on purchasing products.

Outdoor Advertising also provides employment facilities to individuals directly or indirectly associated with the advertising industry. Outdoor advertisers comprise the Entertainment& Amusement industry, Hotels, Resorts, Travel & Tourism, Telecommunications, Automobile industry, Food, Textiles,  etc.

Sairam Media  incepted as recently as  1989 July 1st, has come a long way, from simple to simply fabulous !!

V.Ilango Velan, at the helm, is the inspiration behind this growing enterprise, with over 23 years of experience in the field. He aims at achieving a high level of service and knowledge, capable to lead and influence industry initiatives and to attract top class talent and nurture excellence in work practices.

The work force at Sairam Media comprise an excellent team which offers professional services of a consistently high quality which is now making its presence felt all over Tamilnadu via a prestigious corporate / retailing clientele. The company specializes in a variety of outdoor advertising, using the transport sectors as well as the bill board and banner mediums, ensuring quality visibility to a wide range of products advertised.